Mindful Monday: The Usefulness of Ritual

“The importance of rituals in helping mourners cope is undisputed, however, and I see no reason why ecologists should not tap this resource in these difficult times. We could create a quilt of our own, with panels to celebrate the species we have loved and lost. We could hold a wake for a precious piece of land – gathering to tell stories of the field trips, research, and academic degrees that one particular place provided. We could create a family album, filled with the recollections of our professional grandparents, writing about the natural areas they have loved and lost in their lifetimes. We could create a special memorial fund to invest meaning in our losses. Our mourning rituals could celebrate, too, and affirm our faith in the processes of ecology and evolution. We could note the remaining beauty of the earth, the birth of new species or subspecies, and the grand rhythms of the biogeochemical cycles.”

– Phyllis Windle, “The Ecology of Grief”, The Usefulness of Ritual

If you could create your own grief ritual to grieve the losses of the living world, what would you create?

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Photo by @animate.earth

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