Mindful Mondays: All We Can Save

Photo by @animate.earth

“We need to have a whole cultural shift, where it becomes our culture to take care of the Earth, and in order to make this shift, we need storytelling about how the Earth takes care of us and how we can take care of her.” – Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

If you haven’t picked up the newly published All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis – we’re highly recommending that you do!
Hear from a number of diverse women who have dedicated their lives to climate justice, building a relationship with the Earth, and shifting the paradigm toward more equitable, feminine, and connected values surrounding social and environmental justice.
As we navigate the climate crisis it is vital that we prioritize the voices of those of us most affected by these shifts – namely Black and Brown folks, people living in poverty, and women – all those who have been most directly oppressed by the same structures that harm the Earth.
“Women have always had the right to speak on behalf of life.” – Pat McCabe / Woman Stands Shining
Let us be informed, loved, and uplifted by this good work!
Join us as we explore some of these writings in our next Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle – from 6-7pm PST, Monday, September 27th. 🌿Questions? Contact Brittany at brittanynecmail@gmail.com