Mindful Mondays: Hopes and Fears

When was the last time you intentionally evaluated the hopes and fears you have for the future? So often we find ourselves wrapped up in and carried away with life, numbing the reality of climate change and social injustice, afraid to pause and reflect on where we are now, and where we are headed.

Here’s an exercise:

Do this with at least one other person. Have each person create two sculptures out of natural materials or objects from your home or office. Allow one sculpture to represent your hopes and the other to represent your fears.

Try to let go of what your sculpture “should” look like, let it be abstract if it wants to, let it find representation if it so desires.

Give yourself enough time to be honest, but not enough time to be overwhelmed.

Share your work with the people you are doing this exercise with. See what arises from these artistic representations. We can learn so much about ourselves just by using our hands to create something.

What does this art tell you about your hopes and fears? What does it tell you about other peoples’ hopes and fears?

Share with us!

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Photo by @animate.earth

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