Mindful Mondays: “Kin” as a verb

What does it look like to be in active relationship with the living world? Editors Robin Wall Kimmerer, John Hausdoerffer, and Gavin Van Horn of the new Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations explore this and other questions in a new 5-volume book series. Compiled by the Center for Humans and Nature (@humansandnature ), Kinship is a compilation of interviews, poetry, essays, and stories.

When we begin to see our “kinship” relations with animals, plants, landscapes, atmospheres, etc., as active rather than as static connections, our relationships come alive. Our motivation to protect and better understand our kin is also bolstered, creating the conditions for meaningful activism.

Find “Kinship” through Point Reyes Books (@pointreyesbooks ) at the link in our bio.

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Photo by @animate.earth

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