Mindful☼Mondays: The Language of Nature

“Our language for nature is now such that the things around us do not talk back to us in the ways that they might. As we have enhanced our power to determine nature, so we have rendered it less able to converse with us. We find it hard to imagine nature outside a use-value framework. We have become experts in analyzing what nature can do for us, but lack a language to evoke what it can do to us. The former is important; the latter is vital.” – Robert Macfarlane, “Landmarks”


Robert Macfarlane dives deep into the language of nature that is born out of the British Isles, namely Scotland. He asserts that as we build a vocabulary around technologies, we lose the words to describe the living world around us.


How do you talk to the living world? And when can you hear them answering?


Photo by @animate.earth
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