Mindful☼Mondays: RAIN Meditation

Today we’re bringing you the meditation we did during our Thrive: EcoGrief and Anxiety Circle yesterday morning. RAIN is a technique used by meditation teacher and psychologist Tara Brach. In moments when we’re triggered by what Tara calls “the trance of unworthiness” (shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, self-consciousness), we can use RAIN to regulate our nervous system and cool our reactivity.

Recognize – what is going on inside you? What are you most aware of in this moment? Are you angry, frozen, depressed, anxious?

Allow – Let it be there right now. Pause. See how you can open up space inside of you. This is not necessarily a moment of “acceptance”, it is a moment of letting it be there in whatever form it is in.

Investigate – what does shame feel like in your body? What is the color, shape, texture, taste, overall quality? How do these physical sensations influence your emotions? What are you believing about yourself and about the world when this reaction/emotion/situation is happening? What if you assume the facial expression of what you’re feeling, or change your body posture to reflect your inner world? What feels most vulnerable? What does this most need right now – your body and/or your heart?

Nurture – Now, from the most wise and loving part of you, how can you begin to nurture this space? Maybe you change your facial expression and body posture to reflect the qualities of your higher self. If it feels comfortable, you can bring a hand to your heart or to your belly, or one to each. Remember your goodness, your compassion. What words or message does this part need to hear right now? Can you provide that? “I’m sorry, I love you”. “I am ok.” “I care about this.” Or if it’s difficult to give yourself compassion right now – “It’s ok that I am still hurting.” “This boundary is ok.”

See what else we have to offer at the next Thrive: EcoGrief and Anxiety Circle on July 25th from 11am – 12:30pm.

Photo by @animate.earth

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