Mindful Mondays: Remembering Gentleness

When was the last time you were truly gentle with yourself? In the fast paced American culture many of us are accustomed to moving quickly, pushing through, being “strong”. If there’s anything this pandemic taught us, it is to slow down and take care of ourselves. Best not to fall right back into the same habits that existed prior to COVID; in what ways have you been forced to be patient, to slow your pace?

Today we invite you to find a moment to nurture yourself in some way, to slow down and be gentle. Perhaps you can feed yourself something nourishing, maybe you have time today for a walk in the forest – or better yet, a sit. Take a nap, moisturize, write an affirmation, drink some tea, ask for something you need – ask for support.

Practicing this gentleness with yourself can be supportive in being able to extend the same gentleness to others.

Experience gentleness with us in the next Thrive: EcoGrief and Anxiety Circle on June 27th from 11am – 12:30pm.

Photo by @animate.earth

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