Mindful Mondays: Spiritual Ecology

Photo by @animate.earth

Good morning! Today we’re sharing some thoughts on how our behavior reflects our respect for the Earth as a living system. Bill Plotkin investigates how deep ecology supports eco-activism through the belief that the Earth deserves to thrive just as the rest of us.

“The difference between caring for the world and caring for the soul of the world is the difference between ecology and spiritual ecology (or deep ecology). In patho-adolescent cultures, “caring for the world”, when contemplated at all, is understood from a limited and shallow anthropocentric perspective — what best serves humanity in our immediate egocentric needs independent of the needs of other species or peoples or even of our own grandchildren. In contrast, when we place our emphasis and consciousness on the soul of the world, we are embracing the world as something sacred, as some thing that has its own essence, its own purpose and destiny that might very well be different, bigger, and more mysterious than anything we suspect or anything we could understand. The emphasis shifts from our smaller human needs to the world’s needs, the world’s longing to evolve along its own trajectory.” – Bill Plotkin, “Care for the Soul of the World” from Spiritual Ecology: the Cry of the Earth

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