Mindful Mondays: Spiritually Healthy Commonwealth

“Our destruction and desecration of the living land has made us the richest and most materialistic nation in history. But under our national ethic of economic progress at any price, we have been buying the physical energy derived from nature at the expense of the psychical energy so necessary for our survival as a spiritually healthy commonwealth. Today we are belatedly recognizing the role of physical ecology in our lives, but not that of psychical ecology. For all the living entities of the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms possess an inherent psychical life, as well as a physical life, and all constitute one integrated life-system. Each helps to maintain the life of the whole; and when we do violence to any part, we injure ourselves.” -Frank Waters, Mountain Dialogues

Photo by @animate.earth

The next Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle is from 6-7pm PST, Monday, September 27th. Questions? Contact Brittany at brittanynecmail@gmail.com

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