Mindful Mondays: The Great Turning

“The Great Turning happens when the Great Unraveling begins”.
– Joanna Macy

Yesterday Joanna Macy graced Bioneers conference with her deep wisdom and love. The Great Turning is the name given to the biggest and most important shift of our time: away from self-serving, unsustainable culture toward life-sustaining harmony and growth. This Great Turning asks us to cultivate our connection to the Earth and to one another.

The Great Unraveling speaks to the (not so beautiful) decomposition of these old ways. Racial injustice, climate change, greed, xenophobia, divisiveness – these are all byproducts of the Great Unraveling.

Know this – that when the Great Unraveling takes its course, it is our job to continue to build what will take its place.

What seeds will you plant in this upturned soil? What will you build?

Photo by @bkleinschnitz

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