National Trails Day Celebration

Humboldt Trails Council

The Humboldt Trails Council (HTC) invites you to get out and celebrate National Trails Day on June 4th and stop by one of their three activity stations to learn more about the important role community plays in protecting and promoting trails. HTC will be hosting activity stations at the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, the Eureka Waterfront Trail North near Blue Ox Mill (accessed via the end of Y Street), or on the Hikshari’ Trail (at the parking lot at the end of Hilfiker Road). Participate in a Trail Treasure Hunt, share what trails mean to you, or sign up for a mailing list and be eligible to enter a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Pacific Outfitters. Activity stations will be offering light refreshments, information on local trails, bike maps to share, and other ways to access and get involved with supporting our local trails. Community members can also choose to participate in the June 4th Volunteer Trail Stewards work day, from 9-11 and be entered in the drawing. Contact Stacy at to sign up for the work day event.

For more information about local trails and National Trails Day activities, visit: