New Ranger for Mad River District

Caroline Griffith

Six Rivers National Forest announced in early March the selection of a new Ranger for the Mad River Ranger District. Kristen Lark, who has worked for the Forest Service since 1987, will be replacing Ranger Dan Dill. 

The NEC was pleased to hear that Lark had been selected to replace Dill, who had a good relationship with conservation groups. As NEC Executive Director, Larry Glass, said, “We had such a great relationship with Dan Dill and accomplished so much working with him. Six Rivers is one of the few National Forests that enviros have made any progress in. After the tragic loss of Dan, who worked so well with SAFE and NEC, we had been concerned about who the Forest Service would pick as a replacement. We are comforted by the choice of Kristen Lark, 10-year work-ally, of Dill who he had specifically recruited to come work on the Mad River District. I look forward to working with her.”

Lark’s tenure at the Forest Service began as an assistant fire engine operator on the Klamath National Forest in 1987. Since then she has worked as a forestry technician on the Lower Trinity Ranger District, a timber management forester for the Mad River Ranger District and silviculturist for the Lower Trinity Ranger District. 

“A lifelong career in the Forest Service is a unique and special thing. I have seen this agency work hard to listen, grow and change to improve our stewardship to people and the land,” said Lark. “Exploring new collaborations, while still honoring our positive traditions, makes me proud to be part of the Forest Service family.”

Lark began her new assignment on March 29. She fills a vacancy left open when District Ranger Dan Dill died following a brief illness in September 2019.