Nexus: What Matters to Me More Than Anything Else?

Nerissa Moran

What matters to me more than anything else? Leaving a habitable, sustainable world for my granddaughter.

So I compost. Install solar panels. Charge my car with those solar panels. Buy locally-grown food and plant food, too. I’m very fortunate to have these resources, so I try to give back to my community as well.

Is this enough? We all know that Naomi Klein is right on target when she points out that we need to think on a larger scale. We need the resources that are controlled by the one percent to overhaul our energy systems.

We also know that waiting for one election cycle after another is a dangerous game of brinkmanship with our own environment. We instinctively know this as people get sick from breathing smoke or die in a conflagration. We know this as we watch the millions of non-human lives fried to a crisp in the multiple, still-raging, California wildfires.

Elections may or may not produce change that is up to the challenge of reversing the damage of human footprints on this earth. What else is there?

We’ve known for a while now that we need systemic change to get the fossil fuel industry under control – or rather thrown in the dustbin of history. Same for the Military Industrial Complex – the Pentagon is the biggest polluter on earth.

Fortunately for us, the climate crisis coincides in the US with a pandemic, with the largest income and wealth inequality in nearly a century, with a heavily armed, out-of-control police force, with an economic crisis where 30 million Americans face unemployment along with the accompanying loss of health care and tsunami of evictions and foreclosures.

Why do I say “fortunately for us”? Because a rebellion is developing. To tackle the fossil fuel industry along with the governments and central banks who finance them, we need all the forces we can get.

We need a tsunami of our own to stop Gavin Newsom’s fracking permit free-for-all. We need a tsunami of our own to bring back to California the large fire-fighting aircraft sent to Afghanistan.

So, I will continue to compost and grow food for my granddaughter, but I will also join or support those organizations that see clearly the connection between a sustainable environment and building new economic and political systems free of the profit motive. Let’s all join forces. This is our time.