News from the Center – Aug/Sep 2018

The tide is changing. Here in Humboldt, long time restorationist and friend of the environment Steve Madrone has been elected to the Fifth District Board of Supervisors seat, surpassing the incumbent, Ryan Sundberg, with 118 votes. This is viewed by many as a huge victory for those concerned with transparency, enforcement of regulations, and keeping the environment at the forefront of development requests. However, it’s not a time to be lax. Rather, it’s time to be vocal about the controversial decisions at local, state, and federal levels. Write letters, go to rallys, contact your local elected officials directly, get organized and participate in the November elections. Many local races will be tight and your participation, as we’ve seen with Madrone’s victory, can make the difference. There will be opportunities to vote for city mayors, school board members, harbor commissioners, water districts, and more.
If you’ve grown frustrated by the decisions our local officials are making and are willing to consider throwing your hat into the ring, please be in touch with our allies at North Coast People’s Alliance for assistance ( The filing date for these, and other seats, is August 10.

We continue to monitor the enforcement—or lack of enforcement—of state and local cannabis regulations. We also are tracking trespass grows on our public lands and the scant enforcement and cleanup of these grows. We’re alarmed that the state legislature stripped 14 million dollars earmarked for cannabis compliance/enforcement from Governor Brown’s proposed budget.

The NEC continues to work with Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests toward better forest management and fuels reduction. We continue to participate with Congressman Jared Huffman’s staff in preparation for the introduction of his Northern California Conservation and Recreation Act in the House of Representatives in coordination with Senator Kamala Harris’s introduction of the Act in the Senate.

After a Bigfoot Trail hiker was lost this June, creating many anxious moments for his family and concerned residents, we would like to point out that while we support the creation of the Bigfoot Trail, we want to emphasize that it is only a concept at this time. There are many sections that are not what would be considered an established trail, but merely a series of pieced together segments with no signage. We would also like to remind readers that a fire burned through the Yolla-Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness last year that seriously altered the landscape. Don’t expect to find water along this portion of the trail! This hike should only be attempted by the most experienced hikers.

We are entering one of our busiest times of the year, and there are ample opportunities for you to be involved.

First up, we’ll be pouring wine on August 10 for Arts! Arcata at the Garden Gate. Stop by to say hi!

Next, plans are underway for the biggest party of the year, our Summer Slough Social. This ‘don’t miss’ event will be held Sunday, August 26 at Carol & CJ Ralph’s beautiful house near Mad River Slough and Lanphere Dunes. Advance tickets are available until August 23 for $60. After that, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door for $70. Delicious food, guided dune hikes, local beer and wine, games and more will be found at this exciting NEC fundraiser. We hope you will join us!

We’ll also be kicking off Coastal Cleanup Day with a Pints for Nonprofits night at Lost Coast Brewery’s Tap Room in South Eureka on Thursday, August 30. If you’ve ever been interested in participating in Coastal Cleanup Day but weren’t sure where to start, then come on down! Not only will site captains be able to pick up their supplies, but individuals can register for sites, join a team, or find others to form a team. More information can be found on our website at

September brings with it our busiest weekend: September 15 & 16. Not only is it the weekend of North Country Fair, but Saturday is the 39th Coastal Cleanup Day and the All Species Parade! Read more about these events on pages 3 and 4. We’ll also be hosting the Second Annual Endangered Art Show during the North Country Fair. Given the continued threats to the Endangered Species Act, we feel it vital to remind our elected officials about the importance of this Act. All are welcome to submit art pieces of U.S. endangered species to be displayed during the Fair. Don’t forget! Some art pieces will be entered into a silent auction, with proceeds used to cover postage for mailing copies of the pieces to our elected officials in Washington, D.C.



In each EcoNews issue, the NEC presents “bouquets” of gratitude to groups, business, and individuals who have recently helped the NEC or the environmental community.

• To Pacific Outfitters for hosting NEC and supplying the wine during June & July Arts Arcata!

• To our Birdathon captains Gary Falxa, Gary Friedrichsen and CJ Ralph, along with their respective team members and the people who supported their birding habits!

• To Hensel’s Ace Hardware in Arcata for a donation of buckets, trash pickers and a poker stick to help with our clean-up programs.

• To CDFW officer Patrick Freeling, CNPS, CA State Parks, National Park Service, and everyone who helped replant the poached Dudleya succulents along our coast!

• To Hannah Sargent, for her excellent work reporting on local issues for EcoNews and our website. We wish you all the best on your new employment!

• A welcome to the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorites, our newest Affiliate Member Group!