CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to Deny the Elk River Billboard Permit

Thank you to Humboldt Baykeeper for the following information:

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Elk River Wetlands Collapsed Billboard. Photo source: Humboldt Baykeeper

Last winter, an old billboard collapsed into the Elk River wetlands just south of Eureka. This sign was built long before current state and local rules governing billboards were adopted – no billboard would ever be allowed in a coastal wetland by today’s standards. On May 7, the County Planning Commission denied the permit, but the sign owner appealed that decision, and on July 28, the Board of Supervisors will decide whether this sign should be allowed to be rebuilt under the guise of grandfathering in mistakes of the past.

This petition lays out Humboldt Baykeeper’s very good reasons to oppose the replacement of this billboard south of the entrance to Eureka – but the blight issue should also be of concern for its negative impact on our economy. While Eureka is spending taxpayer dollars to beautiful the southern “gateway” to Eureka and the South Broadway Corridor, the Board of Supervisors is considering overriding the Planning Commissions recommendation to DENY the application to rebuild this billboard on our public wetlands.

One can’t help but wonder why the BoS would be more concerned about the special interest of one well connected business over the greater good of the community?

Do we want visitors to first to see the beautiful Elk River and Humboldt Bay or do we want them to see a row of billboards in our wetlands? I hope the Eureka City Council also will consider voicing its own objections to the Board of Supervisors!!

By all means sign this petition. But, you might also want to contact your Supervisor directly. Emails and phone numbers listed below:

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