Supervisor’s Questionnaire: Planning Commission

As Supervisor, you will be appointing a representative to the County Planning Commission. What are the most important qualifications for that appointee and will you vet them for conflicts of interest?

4th District:

Virginia Bass: My ideal planning commissioner would be pragmatic in their views, reasonable and willing to find compromise and solutions. They should have experience in moving projects through the system and an understanding of principles of LAFCo when looking at future development. True conflict of interest is when someone makes a decision that they will financially profit from. However there could also be perceptual conflicts of interest. What is important is that the person serving on the commission recognizes the potential and recuses themselves from the conversation.

Dani Burkhart: My appointee would be someone familiar with CEQA, who understands the impacts of development to our natural resources, and balances that with the economic and social wellbeing of our community as a whole. I would vet them for conflicts of interest and I will work to introduce an ordinance to require that appointees to public office disclose their potential conflicts of interest, similar to the Form 700 disclosure required of those running for elected office.

5th District:

Steve Madrone: They need to have experience in land use planning and community development. They should have training in economic development and know how to craft rules to incentivize good land stewardship, while penalizing damaging activities. Many folks have conflicts of interest and yes I will vet folks for those elements. It is critical that a Planning Commissioner recuse themself if a conflict exists. I will not appoint someone with the kinds of conflicts that would make it difficult for them to be unbiased on the kinds of issues that will be before them.