Poem: Invitation to Interstellar Circus Lovers

    Invitation to Interstellar Circus Lovers

    by Ellen E. Taylor


    The purple swamphen  charts the flow

    Of Taurus mountain’s melted snow

    Deaf to din of Shock and Awe

    Atop her roost of reeds and straw.

    Reflecting fireball and star 

    Euphrates flows through Al Hammar.


    Though missiles blast Eid pieties

    Her fiery-beaked societies

    Make peace with vengeance, dams and drought

    And hatch their baby swamphens out.


    Purple urchins, in grim host

    Have gobbled  the Pacific Coast

    Kelp forests: whales, eels, otters banished

    When their generous jungle vanished.

    Urchin barrens scar the shelves

    Where the seas have starved themselves.


    Detonations resonate

    As Seals their sonars calibrate

    Aquatic drones drill and parade

    Where cetaceans  lately strayed.


    Buy your tickets in advance

    For the cosmic fire-dance!

    Get a ringside seat, enjoy

    As pyrotechnic  sets deploy

    And plutocrat clowns vault and play

    Above the grand  auto da fe.