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Since 1971 we have been proudly providing quality environmental journalism through our publication of EcoNews. It is published monthly (except January), totaling 11 issues every year.

View EcoNews Sponsorship Brochure to view ad sizes and prices. Contact EcoNews Coordinator, Chelsea Pulliam at nec@yournec.org to inquire about ads.

The NEC,our member groups and affiliate member groups, including the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), the California Native Plant Society, the Redwood Region Audubon Society, Humboldt Baykeeper, the North Group Redwood Chapter Sierra Club and Zero-Waste Humboldt, are able to keep the public updated on local environmental news ranging from wilderness to biodiversity, climate change to environmental political action.

Over 4,000 copies of each EcoNews issue is distributed for free to the local community, mailed directly to our members’ doors and is available for unlimited viewing on our website. EcoNews reaches more than 150 locations in California and Southern Oregon by mailing it to cities including Fort Bragg, Petrolia, Klamath, Ukiah, Crescent City, Los Angeles, Weaverville, Whitehorn, Yreka, Ashland, Mount Shasta, Selma and Waldport.

Such an asset to the community and beyond is in need of an unyielding foundation of support. Sponsorships are key in ensuring the longevity of one of the area’s oldest bioregional environmental newspapers: EcoNews. We invite you to become a sponsor of EcoNews because not only are you helping provide powerful environmental news to the public, but you also have the opportunity to advertise your business, service or hosted event in our publication! EcoNews is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We thank you for your crucial role in helping us continue our important work!