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Administration & Development Director

Bella Waters grew up in Nebraska, camping, biking and taking road-trips with her family to many national parks. She was introduced to environmental activism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she earned her BA in Communication and a minor in Environmental Studies in 2001. During her time at UNL she attended Humboldt State University through a distance education program, where she not only interned with the Northcoast Environmental Center, but became enamored with the mountains, rivers, coast and community. Since 2016 Bella has been Administrative and Development Director for the Northcoast Environmental Center. She enjoys vegetarian cooking, gardening, kayaking, backpacking and sharing her home with her husband Orion, two sons, Chewy the dog and two black cats.

Email: bella@yournec.org

EcoNews Editor & Graphics Coordinator

Morgan Corviday, the NEC’s EcoNews Editor since 2011, has been passionate about environmental issues for as long as she can remember. She learned an early lesson in environmental consequences when all of the tiny tree frogs that would appear every year in her yard as a child suddenly vanished after the local creek was sprayed for mosquitos. The frogs never returned.

Shortly after moving to Humboldt in 2000, she interned at the NEC cataloging environmental news clippings, and was impressed by the extensive environmental news library housed in the office under the guidance of then-director Tim McKay. She graduated from HSU with a B.S. in Natural Resources Interpretation, with emphases in graphics and ecology and a minor in Wildlife. She is also a graphic designer and musician.

Email: morgan@yournec.org

Chelsea Pulliam moved to Arcata in 2011 and graduated from H.S.U. with a degree in Environmental Education. Her time in Humboldt has cultivated a deep love for California’s unique landscapes, and a passion for ecological sustainability. She has worked for several environmental nonprofits allowing her to channel her passion of connecting the community to sustainable living. Chelsea is honored to be part of the Northcoast Environmental Center team, and hopes to contribute to their mission to conserve, protect, and celebrate ecosystems of the Northcoast.

Email: chelsea@yournec.org

Casey Cruikshank graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Recreation Administration and an emphasis in Eco-Tourism. She is an avid scuba diver and her life has revolved around the ocean and its inhabitants for as long as she can remember. She has over 70 houseplants and absolutely loves gardening. A lot of her spare time is spent on her NorCal Beach Clean project—hosting frequent public beach clean events questing for marine plastic removal and inter-tidal education (announcements are made on on instagram @norcalbeachclean if you’d like to participate). She absolutely loves Humboldt and is excited to be working with a group of people who dedicate their lives to understanding, conserving and protecting our local ecosystems.

Email: casey@yournec.org

Office Support

Tiffany Perez grew up in Orange County in Southern California. Currently, she is an HSU undergraduate where she is pursuing her passion for field work through a Wildland Soil Science degree. Being an active student, she helps in local ecological restoration projects through various clubs on campus. She works as the Office Assistant for the Northcoast Environmental Center and engages in community work through events hosted by the NEC. She loves exploring the outdoors, reading, baking and learning new skills and lessons every day. She hopes that through her experiences with the NEC, schooling and community work that she will be able to obtain a career that allows her to travel the world.

Email: tiffany@yournec.org