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Administration & Development Director

Carrie Tully is a graduate student in the Environment & Community program at HSU.  Motivated by her own complex life experiences, she strives to build stronger relationships with her human and more-than-human community.  In her downtime you can find her at the beach with her daughter and their dog, Indi.                          

Email: carrienecmail@gmail.com



Executive Director

Larry Glass is a life-long environmental advocate and former retail business owner for 40 years. He has served in various capacities on the NEC board for over 35 years – currently presiding as Board President and Executive Director, plus serving as the NEC’s forest advisor.  Larry was elected to the Eureka City Council and served four years (2006-2010). His knowledge of local environmental issues and experience as a community leader proves a vital component of the NEC. Larry sits on the NEC’s Conservation, Personnel, Tech, Finance, Board Development and EcoNews Committees. Larry is also President and Executive Director of Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment (S.A.F.E.),  Trinity County’s environmental voice since 1979.  Larry is a resident of both Trinity and Humboldt County, giving him a unique perspective for both groups.               

Email: larryglass71@gmail.com

EcoNews Coordinator & Journalist

A resident of Eureka since 2017, Caroline Griffith is an avid public meeting attendee and can often be found at City Council and Board of Supervisors meetings. When asked as a kid what she thought she might be when she was 35, her response was “environmental something”. That prediction was fairly accurate, as environmentalism has been a factor in much of the political work that she has done.
She is excited to highlight the intersections of environmentalism and social justice that are happening in Humboldt County.

Email: carolinenecmail@gmail.com

Chelsea Pulliam moved to the North Coast in 2011 and graduated from H.S.U. with a degree in Environmental Education in 2015. Her time in Humboldt has cultivated a deep love for California’s unique landscapes, and a passion for sustainability. She is also passionate about direct-action activism, solutions journalism, environmental psychology, effective environmental communication, and graphic design. 

Email: chelseanec1@gmail.com

Brittany Kleinschnitz is currently a Social Work Masters student at HSU. As a Naturalist and photographer with a background in natural resources, wildlife, and ecology, Brittany is interested in exploring the intersections between ecospirituality, art, and environmental and social justice. Interests beyond school and work include tarot reading, yoga practice, beach-going, and cooking. Brittany is humbled in collaborating with the NEC team and assisting with projects and operations that serve the local Humboldt waters, lands, and community.

Email: Brittanynecmail@gmail.com

Coastal Programs Coordinator

Ivy Munnerlyn moved to Humboldt County in 2019 to study Wildlife Biology at HSU and explore the beauty of the Northcoast. Her interests include botany, marine science, Indigenous natural resource knowledge, wildlife rehabilitation, and citizen science. These diverse interests came into focus during her time studying Biology at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA. Ivy has a deep sense of curiosity about and responsibility for the natural world and its human and non-human inhabitants. She is very excited for the opportunity to serve the Humboldt community as Coastal Programs Coordinator for the NEC!

Email: ivynecmail@gmail.com