Student Focus: Arcata High Surfrider

Student Focus logoA new Surfrider club made its debut on the Arcata High School campus this year! Members include students that are interested in the protection and conservation of our local ocean and beaches.

The mission of the global Surfrider organization is “the protection and enjoyment of the world’s  oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network”. The Arcata High chapter is working to spread this message on campus by educating the student body on current local and global issues regarding the ocean.

Julia McLeod, the chapter head, got the club rolling last summer with previous Humboldt Surfrider chair, Delia Bense-Kang. As the school year kicked off, the club saw great turnout with lots of interested students and signups. The club currently has about 12 consistent members who meet weekly with advisor Reid Kitchen.

So far, they have helped support the No Straws November campaign,  approached local businesses to put up signs encouraging consumers to think twice about using a straw, and worked with their student store to get rid of straws. Next, the club approached the school administration and got recycling bins for the school parking lot donated— these are in the process of being painted in preparation of being put out for use.

Another great addition to the campus in the past year was the ocean friendly garden by the gym, but students were unaware of its purpose. Therefore, AHS Surfrider had a sign made that will be hung on the gym wall to educate students about the purpose and perks of ocean-friendly gardens—not only for people but for the environment.

The high school club is happy for the opporunity to influence the younger generation about environmentally-conscious living, while immersing in and enjoying the natural places that are available here in Humboldt.

On April 7, the AHS Surfrider club plans to pair with the Trinidad Land Trust to have a beach and trail restoration work session at Houda Point.

As the club grows and establishes itself on campus, it hopes to gain more members and make great connections in the community so that the school can work to help raise students who are aware of the global and local issues surrounding our ocean.

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