Student Focus: HSU Range & Soils Club

Student Focus logo HSU’s Range and Soils Club exposes students to a variety of aspects of range and soils science. The club helps students learn about the different types of skills needed to be resourceful land managers, and applicable skills such as fence building, working with animals, and classifying soils to Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) standards. Volunteer opportunities include helping instructor and local NRCS Range Specialist Todd Golder with restoration projects on ranches to bring back perennial bunch grasses and native grass species, volunteering at Tule Fog farm to learn how to process turkeys, and tending the cattle at the local Frasier property.

2019 marks the Soils and Range Club's 50th anniversary!
2019 marks the Soils and Range Club’s 50th anniversary!

One of the perks of the club is that we help fund people to go to the Society for Rangeland Management conference, the Soil Society of America conference, and soil judging competitions every year. We have the top Plant Identification team in the U.S., for which students learn how to identify more than 200 common rangeland plants. We also have the third-best soil judging team in California, which helps students understand how to classify soil and how it works in relation to the ecosystem.

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