Student Focus: McKinleyville High School Science Club

Student Focus logoThe McKinleyville High School Science Club is supported by enthusiastic students in grades 9-12, teachers, and local organizations whose main goal is to spread knowledge about science. Activities during the 2017-2018 school year have included working with Zero Waste Humboldt to acquire eco-friendly equipment for our campus, as well as the globally-impactful assembly and shipment of generously donated solar suitcases to developing countries.

Led by Science Club President Sierra Wood, our club has thrived with community involvement this past year. Zero Waste Humboldt helped two particular projects with guidance and financial assistance. The first was a project by Ortega, a McKinleyville High senior and Science Club Treasurer, who placed compost bins throughout our campus. A video was also created about the research and data she collected supporting the need for compost bins on campus. Compost bins are a way to reduce waste and naturally recycle food waste positively in other ways.

I led the second project—installing a hydration station on our campus (in addition to the existing one we already have). A study done by previous McKinleyville High students calculated the number of water bottles wasted on our campus each year and concluded that another hydration station would exponentially reduce the waste. I picked up where they left off and recently secured the donation of a hydration station from Zero Waste Humboldt. By the end of the school year, we plan to have two functioning and installed hydration stations on our campus.

We also received donations of equipment to help people in developing countries through the power of science. Solar suitcases (small generators that provide electricity for any building or space when the power is out) were our focus this year. The club received a donation of 12 solar suitcases by the creators of the product to assemble, test, and ship six of the 12 to developing countries in need. The other six will be delivered to local middle schools in Humboldt County. Knowing the impact these will have on businesses, hospitals, and homes has made the experience of being involved with the solar suitcases both educational and rewarding.

These projects have bettered our campus and the lives of many. To contact the Science Club, call the school  at 707-839-6400. The club appreciates involvement from anyone interested in science and how its power can be used to improve the world.