Supervisor’s Questionnaire: Energy

What would you do to improve the County’s energy infrastructure?

4th District:

Virginia Bass: I think it’s important for the county to become as self reliant as possible. I am very interested in the opportunity to take part in the capture/creation of offshore wind energy. Currently there are at least three companies who are very interested in our community and believe we would be a good fit. The fact that these facilities will be far offshore should minimize impacts to local fisheries and environmental concerns. It is an opportunity for our community.

Dani Burkhart: I support evaluation and responsible development of alternative energy projects, including but not limited to on-shore wind, solar and other sustainable energy projects. I believe these projects are not only beneficial for sourcing clean energy, but also for creating jobs for the county.

5th District:

Steve Madrone: : I would incentivize small scale energy system development and use, such as solar, hydro, and small scale (house size) bio-mass conversion, through zoning and other tax and permit incentives. The needed forest thinning from below and limbing would reduce fire, improve forest health, and provide fuel that can be burned for energy with emission controls and reuse of ash and more. These systems can be sustained and built at a scale that makes sense. A de-centralized energy approach will be most effective and controllable.