Support of the Creation of a Mendocino Coast Redwood Forest Reserve

Thank you to Mendocino Trail Stewards for the following information.


50,000 acres to demonstrate to the world:
• Cultural & Tribal Sovereignty
• Unified Ecosystem Restoration
• Climate Change Mitigation
• Environmentally Sustainable Economics

While we work to make the reserve a reality, we are asking for a moratorium on logging in the forest until a new Environmental Impact Report for the JDSF Management Plan is completed. The old report, drafted in 2007, is woefully out of date. The new management plan must include:

• Stronger protections for Native American Cultural Heritage
• Consideration of climate change impacts to and mitigation potential of the forest
• Consideration of drought in the review of all timber harvest plans
• The inclusion of this land into California’s 30×30 goal
• Analysis of the current biodiversity crisis and how JDSF can be part of the solution
• An acknowledgement of the changed economic reality of Mendocino County
• A guarantee of equitable access for all
• An emphasis on natural and cultural history education for youth and adults
• Low-impact recreational opportunity that does not threaten Indigenous sites
• An end to dispersed firearm use in the forest

This Petition is Supported by:
• The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians
• The Environmental Protection Information Center
• The Mendocino Trail Stewards
• The Mendocino Institute

To see a more complete list of groups supporting this petition and their statements, go to:

Please put your name in support of a Moratorium on Logging in the Entirety of Jackson Demonstration State Forest. Providing all the requested information will be the most effective way to save our forest. Thanks for your participation!