Sustainable Holiday Tips

Upcycled Newspaper Gift Bow


Materials: Newspaper, Scissors, Stapler or Glue

  1. When you are finished reading this issue of EcoNews, cut a page into 8 strips of similar width and length.
  2. Take 4 of the strips and cut them 2 inches shorter than the other strips.
  3. Take a long strip and adhere the tips together to form a circular shape. Then, adhere the inside of the circle to stick it to the opposite side to form an 8-shape.
  4. Repeat step 3 with all 8 strips. You will have 4 larger 8-shapes, and 4 smaller.
  5. Starting with the large 8-shapes, stack them on top of each other, followed by the smaller ones. Rotate each one slightly as you stack. Adhere them with glue or a stapler.
  6. Make a tiny roll of paper with the cutoffs from step 2 and stick it in the middle of the bow.

Looking for other newspaper uses? Use EcoNews as gift wrapping paper!