Taking away your right to protest

A protester holds a sign stating "Deport Trump." Photo: vhines200, Flickr.com CC.
A protester holds a sign stating “Deport Trump.” Photo: vhines200, Flickr.com CC.

The following excerpt was originally published on Grist by Justine Calma:

“In the past 18 months, more than 60 bills have been introduced in 31 states that specifically target protests — whether it’s racial justice activists shutting down highways or environmentalists trying to stop pipelines. The presidency of Donald Trump has coincided with mounting attempts to curb people’s rights to assemble.

Attorneys offering support to demonstrators are quick to point out that these bills narrow the range of what’s allowed at a protest. They also heighten the penalties for breaking both the old and new rules.

“Protesters are likely to face additional and heightened charges for these criminal penalties,” says Maggie Ellinger-Locke, an attorney with Greenpeace. “It’s already illegal to trespass, but now it’s going to be a felony.” “

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