The Iconic Humboldt Honey Poster Celebrates 40 Years

Ingrid Hart

It’s been 40 years since the poster’s first publishing in 1983. Since that time, producer and HSU alumni Ingrid Hart has never earned a penny from the poster.

 Back in 1983, the poster “Are You A Humboldt Honey?” was created as equal parts parody and love letter to the ideals of a utopian woman’s message of peace, happiness and, above all, love. The woman in the poster wears a No Nukes t-shirt, a Question Authority button, and Bobby McGee’s dirty red bandana. In her right hand she’s holding a joint filled with Humboldt’s finest weed – cannabis sativa. What’s not to love about this honey? Apparently quite a bit.

 On April 17, 1983, Humboldt’s daily newspaper, the Times-Standard, put the poster on the front page above the fold, helping the poster’s press run of 1,000 sell out in two months. “When the story ran the nasty grams started and I received lots of hate mail in the Letters to the Editor section of the Times-Standard,” said Hart. I had to disconnect my telephone because people were calling and leaving awful messages.”

 The poster revealed a divide in the Humboldt County community, separating the lumber and fishing industry from the youthful alternative lifestyle of the Arcata area, a rift that 40 years later remains to this day.

 “To be fair,” said Hart, there were many people who loved the Humboldt Honey. There were many letters to the editor that defended her. My favorite is a letter written by Eureka resident Michael R. Langdon titled ‘The woman is a rare flower’ and ends with the sentiment, “I think I’m in love.”

 It’s been 40 years since Hart has published the poster. Since that time, she’s never earned a penny from this entrepreneurial effort. Nor has she ever marketed or merchandised the Humboldt Honey until now. “I’ve never sold her out,” said Hart. “This commemorative printing of the poster is a gift I’m returning to anyone who’s been lucky enough to experience Humboldt County and embraces the Humboldt Honey’s message of peace, happiness and above all, love.”

In keeping with the Humboldt Honey’s integrity, Hart is donating 25 percent of the net profit to the North Coast Environmental Center in Arcata. The poster cost is $25 and is available at