The Senate has released their version of the ‘farm bill’ 

The following was originally published by Megan Birzell, National Forest and Roadless Defense Campaign Manager for the Wilderness Society.

“The Senate released their version of the ‘farm bill’ last Friday, and the Senate Ag Committee markup is scheduled for TOMORROW (June 13). Overall, this is a vastly better bill than the House Farm Bill, so far. However, we expect to see numerous bad amendments offered during the markup.

Please contact your Senators TODAY, urging them to resist efforts to add controversial policies to the forestry title, including categorical exclusions, attacks on the roadless rule, and proposals that limit citizen access to justice (such as pilot arbitration). We will succeed or fail in defending our forests from attacks via the Farm Bill based on whether we can hold the Senate Ag Committee Dems. Since our PNW senators are not on the Senate Ag Committee and can mostly be counted on to vote the right way, a good ask is for their office to contact leadership on the Committee and urge them to reject all anti-environmental riders.

We’ve created an action hub that offers advocacy resources, including: talking points, sample social media posts, the text of the forestry provision of the Senate bill, a memo that provides a summary and analysis of the bill, and TWS’s press statement. You can use the talking points to create action alerts, social media posts, and call scripts for calling your Senators.

Looking ahead, we expect the bill to move to the Senate floor shortly after markup and prior to the July 4 recess. We are keeping a close eye on Sen. Murkowski’s efforts to weaken the roadless rule by offering an amendment that mirrors Rep. Young’s (R-AK) amendment to the House Farm Bill that exempts Alaska’s national forests from the Roadless Rule. Know that these amendments should require 60 votes to be added to the bill.”