Trash-a-thon 2021: A Big Success!

Trash-a-thon 2021 is a wrap! We’d like to give a big thanks to the wonderful donors and cleanup volunteers who made this year’s event so successful. Together, seven teams picked up 6,235 pieces of trash and raised $2,987! Volunteers also found creative ways of transporting the trash they collected. Team Llama Squad used pack llamas to haul trash off of Clam Beach, and team Life Bike-quatic used bike trailers to collect garbage. We love to see our volunteers’ boundless creativity being used for such a great cause. We hope to see you all next year for Trash-a-thon 2022!

Teen Sunset Scavengers picked up 1,302 pieces of trash and fundraised $1,070 for Trash-a-thon 2021! We are so incredibly thankful to these amazing volunteers.
“Klaus” and “Eleanor” of The Life Bike-quatic used their bike trailer “DEEP SEARCH” to collect these plastic containers, 5 large bags of roadside debris, plus a full bin of recycling during the NEC 2021 Trashathon.
The Llama Squad enjoyed working at Clam Beach during Earth Week. They picked up a total of 352 pieces of trash. A majority of the garbage consisted of tiny pieces of plastic as well as hundreds of rusty nails half buried in the sand. They have been training their llamas to pack gear, and so taking them on the beach to haul garbage was a fun opportunity to get them experience.