In the midst of quarantine the NEC staff has been working hard to come up with creative ways to safely rally our community into active environmental work. This slow pace and time outside of the offices has lent more space to our “back burner” projects and some of our best ideas are coming forward. With Coastal Programs deeply rooted into the NEC’s long history, we’re very excited to see where these new projects take us.

During quarantine I’ve been taking a deep dive into the NEC’s data collection strategies, fine tuning our goals and researching everything I can to make sure we are using the best methods available. Between researching, we’ve also been planning a new exciting event that will take place in July between the 18th and the 25th.

Trash-a-thon is a great way to participate in environmental stewardship, fundraise for Coastal Programs at the NEC and clean up your community. Trash-a-thon is similar to a walkathon, where you raise money from sponsors for each mile walked; in this case, volunteers raise donations for the number of pieces of trash that are picked up within a 24-hour timeframe. Anyone and everyone is able to participate as long as any teams that are formed are adhering to the quarantine guidelines. All funds raised will support the NEC’s Coastal Programs Citizen Science Project, Adopt-A-Beach, Adopt-A-Block, Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day and the Zero Waste Lending Library. 

As we get more involved in year-round data collection, we rely on volunteers to help us gather that data. We would love to have your help during our first ever Trash-a-thon. If you have any questions about this event please visit our website to learn more or email