Trashlantis | May 2023

Gathering Trash for Trashlantis!

The NEC has been invited to assist this year’s Kinetic Grand Championship Team, Trashlantis!

Trashlantis is rising from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! Trashlantean emissaries, strange half human, half fish and half trash beings, are coming to this year’s Kinetic Grand Championship. They need your plastic to expand their ocean empire. Will you help them build a neopelagic ecosystem? Or will you self-fish-ly reduce your waste and prevent the Trashlanteans from thriving?

To support Trashlantis visit:

Click here for the first sighting of a Trashlantian!


During our cleanups we’re asking volunteers to keep an eye out for flashy trash to be assembled into enticing bribes for this year’s race! There will also be an opportunity to have ocean creature themed trash art pieces featured on the kinetic sculpture itself! Watch out for scheduled cleanup days and trash craft events with the NEC! Or sign up to lead your own cleanup event through our website!


Assembled bribes should be:

Wearable or functional in some way

Small enough to easily carry

Free of any insulting or hateful speech

Flashy & Fun!


Assembled art should be:

Ocean creature themed

Less than 10 lb and small enough to lift individually

Free of any insulting or hateful speech

Flashy & Fun!

        Come find the NEC debating the Trashlantians on the Arcata Plaza on      May 27th!