Volunteer Spotlight – Rob DiPerna

Rob DiPerna

Rob DiPerna. Submitted photo.
Rob DiPerna. Submitted photo.

How long have you been volunteering with NEC? I believe I’ve been volunteering with NEC for about a year, mostly helping with the production of EcoNews.

What inspired you to volunteer? I was inspired to volunteer at NEC because I have a skill and saw a need; I believe strongly in the doing of good deeds, and in filling gaps and holes where I can simply because it is a good and right thing to do.

Words for future volunteers? For future volunteers, I would say that the greatest rewards come from giving and doing, simply for the sake of giving and doing and not expecting anything in return. Our society has lost its lust for service and philanthropy in favor of a society based on being served, self-advancement, and entitled consumption. If we are ever going to turn things around, we must get back to prioritizing the greater good over our individual agendas
and gains.