Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Leskiw

Sue Leskiw with a statue of the Lorax. Submitted photo.

How long have you been volunteering with NEC?

I’d describe my volunteering as lengthy but sporadic. I became a founding member of the Friends of Clam Beach ad hoc committee back around 2004. I worked closely with Tim McKay, Diane Beck, Scott Greacen, and others to keep vehicles off of Clam Beach, through testifying at meetings, writing letters to the editor and government officials, and community organizing. Since then, I have volunteered for special events: an All Species Ball, the yard sale when NEC left the big white house in Northtown, Audubon banquet auctions that split proceeds with the NEC, and baking goodies for NEC Pints for Non-profits and Spaghetti Fun(d)raisers. I also deliver EcoNews to the Mad River Brewery.

What inspired you to volunteer?

Since I moved here in 1998, I have volunteered for several environmental/conservation groups: Friends of the Arcata Marsh, Redwood Region Audubon Society, North Group Sierra Club, and Godwit Days. Helping out the NEC is a natural extension of my service to these other organizations.

Words for future volunteers?

As my experience shows, there is a range of ways that you can help the NEC. You can short-term volunteer to pull off a special event or you can make a substantial time commitment to a particular environmental issue.