Success Story: Washed Up Jet Ski Removed

The Adopt-A-Beach program at the NEC plays a very important role in keeping our beaches clean. Aside from the regular cleanups and data collection, we have eyes and ears out on the beaches keeping track of unusual items that wash up and need to be removed.

Our dedicated Adopt-A-Beach volunteer, Robin Hamlin, spotted this washed up jet ski. She followed program procedures, reported the debris to County Parks Maintenance, and let the NEC’s Coastal Programs Coordinator know about the item. Within hours the owner of the jet ski was located, the jet ski was removed and it was no longer a threat to the sensitive coastal environment. Thanks to the watchful eye of dedicated volunteers like Robin, our shores are being cleaned quickly and efficiently.

If you ever see large debris on the shore, please report it to our Coastal Programs coordinator at so we can get it off the beach. Photo submitted by Robin Hamlin.

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