Weekly Creature Feature: River Otter

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The North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis) may be a familiar face to many of you! These members of the weasel family can be spotted around Humboldt Bay and waterways…if you’re lucky. River Otters prefer to eat fish, but will make do with frogs, shellfish, snails, and even turtles. Their flat heads and sleek bodies make them excellent and agile swimmers. Otter dens are usually placed near the water, with underwater entrances into the den. River Otters love to play and are very social creatures. River Otter populations shrank after European colonization, but Humboldt county’s otters remain strong!

Jeff Black’s citizen science project lets you contribute to research by sending in your otter sightings at www.wildlife.humboldt.edu/people/jeff-black/research/otter And check out the Northcoast Otters art project at otterart.humboldt.edu

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