Welcome to the Team: Jaime Carlino of HUM-RATS

It takes a lot of people to build a movement. Here at the NEC we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with folks from many different environmental backgrounds. Welcome to the Team highlights these people.

Jaime Carlino of HUM-RATS (Humboldt Raptors Are The Solution)

Jaime holding an owl fitted with a GPS tag as part of ongoing research efforts on Barn Owls in Napa Valley’s wine grape vineyards.

I have been enthralled with animals since I was a young girl. Birds caught my eye before I was old enough to grasp how special they are. Because of my fascination with birds, I obtained an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation and am now pursuing a graduate degree in Natural Resources (Wildlife) at Humboldt State University. As I’ve matured, it has become apparent how poorly people understand and value our relationship with wildlife. My ultimate goal is to dispel the imaginary gap between humans and the environment. Hatching HUM-RATS in 2019 was inspired by my passion for birds, specifically raptors, and my desire to effect positive change for wildlife in and beyond Humboldt County. Rodenticide use is pervasive world-wide and its costs to rodent-consuming wildlife species, as well as pets and children are high. HUM-RATS is educating people about the dangers of rat poison in the food web, as well as the ecological role of raptors. We work to provide people with non-toxic alternatives to rodenticides. We also work to eliminate toxic rodenticides in our community to prevent further poisonings of wildlife, children, and pets. My passion for birds and wildlife conservation keeps me motivated to do this work. I am also driven by our success stories – people who have decided to no longer use poisons after being equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so.