Zero Heroes Honored November 15

Maggie Gainer, Zero Waste Humboldt

Zero Heroes Honored November 15

Zero Waste Humboldt is pleased to announce the 2020 Zero Hero honorees. These five honorees represent a wide variety of efforts to reduce waste in Humboldt County and have been inspiring examples of adopting Zero Waste methods. They will be honored on Sunday, November 15th at
7:00P.M. at the annual ZWH’s Zero Heroes Night event. To join in this celebration, contact them at .

North Country Fair requested Zero Waste Humboldt’s assistance in 2012-2016 to prepare vendors to reduce waste, train volunteers to staff seven stations on the Arcata Plaza, and manage the flow of discarded material for the 2-day Fair. The Fair adopted the Zero Waste method with annual measurement and monitoring of waste generated to track progress over time. It is an inspiring model for other large outdoor events.

The Re-School, formerly Turtle Mountain Design Reused Building Materials Salvage Yard at Redwood Acres, is run by partners, Michael Deakin and Joe Duckett. Independent contractor-builders have complained about not having a place to drop-off and pick up used building materials ever since the Arcata Community Recycling Center Reusables Depot closed. In the past four years, it has quickly become a popular hub for reused materials.

Thimbleberry Threads owner, Beth Kabat has gradually grown her business since 1987, using secondhand materials. Her attractive pillow designs and zipper bags attract crowds to her booth at California and Oregon fairs and festivals.

 Plastics Uniquely Recycled is a great example of local recycling-based manufacturing. Artist-entrepreneur, Jenifer Sherman-Ruppe, has grown her business of making jewelry and other products from plastic pharmacy pill bottles.

Trinidad Beachcomber Cafe is a Zero Waste early adopter among Redwood Coast food and beverage serving businesses. Over the years, owners, Melissa Zarp and Alice Vasterling, have demonstrated at the Beachcomber how to integrate core environmental values into their business operations.