California Native Plant Society | May 2022

Event Reminders:

  • Spring Native Plant Sale, in-person, by appointment, April 30 & May 1
  • Wildflower Show, in-person at Jefferson Community Center, April 30 & May 1

Evening Program

May 11, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.  “ Managing Forests to Blunt the Force of the Anthropocene.” During his 36 years in the City of Arcata Department of Environmental Services, forester Mark Andre led the management and expansion of the Arcata Community Forest. From his wide forestry experience he can talk about how forests work and how we can manage them to help maintain biodiversity and ameliorate impacts from drought and climate change. Register on Zoom on the website to join from home, or gather at Six Rivers Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Rd., Arcata, with masks; refreshments at 7:00, program at 7:30 p.m.   

Field Trip

May 22, Sunday.  Van Eck Forest Field Trip. Jack Singer of Pacific Forest Trust will show us various parts of the Van Eck California Forest east of McKinleyville and explain the management techniques that have increased the trees’ growth rates, carbon sequestration, and water retention, while harvesting timber economically.  We will review common forest plant species while walking short distances off trail.  We must carpool into 4WD or AWD vehicles. Sign up with Carol: 707-822-2015,  

Sharing Wildflowers

by Carol Ralph

Every wild flower encountered is a discovery of beauty, intricacy, and delight.  The human impulse is to share it and to learn its name. Digital cameras are the tool, and our chapter’s Facebook “North Coast CNPS public group” provides the place to share wild plants of northwest California and get help naming them (  You can simply browse uninterrupted if you log in with Facebook, seeing photos, reading reactions, identifications, and comments, and learning where to find flowers.  If you join the group, you can get approved to post your photos. 

A collage of flowers by Don Hollander, Mary Ann Machi, and Cristy Willet from the CNPS Facebook group