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EcoNews Report is a half-hour enviro news/chat program—with the same familiar host regulars Jennifer Kalt (Humboldt Baykeeper), Tom Wheeler (Environmental Protection Information Center), Larry Glass (Northcoast Environmental Center) and Scott Greacen (Friends of the Eel River) — now airs Saturdays at 10am on local station favorite KHUM (104.3 and 104.7 FM) and is posted to the Lost Coast Outpost.

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Prior EcoNews Report episodes are currently available on the KHSU website and available as a podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. An archive of episodes from 2011 through mid-2017 is  available on our Archive website by clicking HERE.

For decades, the EcoNews Report was  broadcast on KHSU from the Humboldt State University campus — a community favorite and the longest-running public affairs radio show on the North Coast! In April 2019, changes at the station unfortunately pulled the EcoNews Report to an abrupt halt. In September 2019 a new era of the EcoNews Report began, in partnership with Lost Coast Communications.

EcoNews Report is a collaborative effort of the Northcoast Environmental Center, its member groups and the larger environmental community of Northern California. The mission of EcoNews Report is to inform and educate the public on environmental issues around the world, state and bioregion. Many of these issues are complex and have varying levels of support throughout the environmental community. Our goal is to provide a platform to explore, discuss and debate these topics in order to better understand their nuances. The ideas expressed in EcoNews do not necessarily reflect the positions of the NEC or its member groups.

The Central Valley Project and its North Coast Connections

On this week’s EcoNews Report, we travel to California’s Central Valley to explore the elaborate plumbing that connects North Coast rivers to the Central...

Climate Change Supercharging Winter Storms

Global warming increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, supercharging winter storms like the slate of atmospheric rivers that have smashed the West...

Poets Jerry Martien and Katy Gurin Welcome the New Year with Poetry

I don’t think it’s just us: 2023 has been stressful, right? Between earthquakes and a bomb cyclone, you could use to take your mind...

California’s Third Shakiest Earthquake?

Humboldt’s Queen of Quakes, Dr. Lori Dengler professor emeritus of geology at CalPoly Humboldt, joins Gang Green to break down the recent 6.4 magnitude...

Trespass Cannabis Grows Polluting Surface Water?

Trespass cannabis grows, those rogue operations of pot production on public land, often employ chemicals banned for sale in the United States. Past research...

Port Redevelopment to Support Offshore Wind Construction

The most recent lease auction for the Humboldt Wind Energy Areas shows that wind energy developers are excited about the potential for floating offshore...

How to Make Ethical Decisions in Complicated World

Trying to be an ethical person in the modern world is hard. How should we weigh the site-specific impacts from wind energy development against...

Do We Have a Human Right Not to Die in the Climate Wars?

Do we have a fundamental human right to a healthy climate? If so, how do we know when our rights have been violated? Global...