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EcoNews Report is a half-hour enviro news/chat program—with the same familiar host regulars Jennifer Kalt (Humboldt Baykeeper), Tom Wheeler (Environmental Protection Information Center), Larry Glass (Northcoast Environmental Center) and Scott Greacen (Friends of the Eel River) — now airs Saturdays at 10am on local station favorite KHUM (104.3 and 104.7 FM) and is posted to the Lost Coast Outpost.

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Prior EcoNews Report episodes are currently available on the KHSU website and available as a podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. An archive of episodes from 2011 through mid-2017 is  available on our Archive website by clicking HERE.

For decades, the EcoNews Report was  broadcast on KHSU from the Humboldt State University campus — a community favorite and the longest-running public affairs radio show on the North Coast! In April 2019, changes at the station unfortunately pulled the EcoNews Report to an abrupt halt. In September 2019 a new era of the EcoNews Report began, in partnership with Lost Coast Communications.


Lawless Logging on Six Rivers National Forest

Government hijinx are nothing new to seasoned environmentalists, but Six Rivers National Forest is taking this to a new level in the wake of...

Friends of the Eel River Force FERC to Comply with the Endangered Species Act

There’s a proposal to remove the fish-blocking Scott Dam on the Eel River but looming problems still remain. Cape Horn Dam, just downstream of...

Cars, Trains and Automobiles — Transportation Planning in Humboldt County

Transportation planning: that’s what we are talking about on this week’s EcoNews Report. How people and goods move throughout Humboldt County is something that...

Learn to Be a Good Activist (and Avoid Burnout) with the NEC!

The Northcoast Environmental Center is celebrating 50 years of activism, and its staff want to let you in on their secrets to success. They...

The Trinity Alps’ Last Glacier

What happens when a group of friends goes on a hiking trip? If they are science nerds (and employees of the California Department of...

Food Waste Fuels Climate Change

Before you throw away that half-eaten sandwich, you’ll want to listen to this week’s EcoNews Report. Every year, Humboldt County sends thousands of pounds...

How will Humboldt Reach 100% Clean, Renewable Energy?

In 2019, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority adopted a goal to deliver 100% clean, renewable electricity to all customers by 2025 and for 100%...

Busting Myths about the Klamath Dam Removal

Mike Belchik, senior fisheries biologist with the Yurok Tribe, joins Gang Green to give an update on the Klamath dam removal (spoiler: it’s on...