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The EcoNews Report is the longest-running public affairs radio show on the North Coast, broadcasting on KHSU from the Humboldt State University campus. The EcoNews Report is hosted by the NEC, EPIC, Friends of the Eel River, and Humboldt Baykeeper and features guests discussing environmental topics that impact the North Coast and beyond.

The EcoNews Report airs every Thursday at 1:30 p.m on KHSU.

You can find KHSU on these frequencies:

90.5 FM Arcata-Eureka
91.9 FM Crescent City-Brookings
89.1 FM Ferndale-Fortuna
89.7 FM Garberville
99.7 FM Willow Creek

Each EcoNews Report episode is posted to the KHSU website and is also available as a podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

An archive of episodes from 2011 through mid-2017 is also available by clicking HERE.

Coho spawning on the Salmon river Credit Wikimedia Commons

Victory in Court for Klamath Salmon

"Rivers carry more than just water – they also carry sediment which is very important to a river’s function and its ability to naturally...
Julian Lange at a NO-GO Road Protest. Photo: Native American Studies Graduate Student Symposium.

The NO-GO Road 30 Years Later

This April marked the 30th anniversary of the GO Road. A road originally scheduled to run from Gasquet to Orleans (hence the name G-O)...
Marbled Godwits are one of manny species of shorebirds that flock to Humboldt Bay in the spring. Artwork courtesy of Godwit Days.

Godwit Days Festival is this weekend!

Godwit Days is an annual festival celebrating spring bird migration in and around Humboldt Bay, an important stop on the Pacific Flyway for thousands...
Scott Dam graphic from PG&E.

Dam Safety and Railroad Bills Move Forward in Sacramento

Stephanie Tidwell, Friends of the Eel River Executive Director, and Scott Greacen, Friends of the Eel River Conservation Director, discuss new and proposed state...
Marbled murrelet at sea. Photo: Craig Strong.

North Coast Marbled Murrelet Status Update

"The reason we count murrelets at sea is, of course, because in the forest they are flying around at really high speeds in the...
View from Titlow Hill looking south, in snow. Photo: John Abela, Flickr CC.

Changing the Law Rather than Enforcing it: The County’s Response to Illegal Activity on...

Titlow Hill has been the location of illegal and unpermitted activities for decades. From building roads to sub-dividing and selling parcels, the development in...
Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Is It Safe To Eat Fish from Humboldt Bay?

Have you wondered whether it is safe to eat fish from Humboldt Bay? Humboldt Baykeeper has been testing mercury levels in local fish with...
Latina woman in a redwood forest with a banana slug. Photo: Ruby Rodriquez/Latino Outdoors.

How Can We Make the Redwoods More Inclusive?

Close your eyes and think of an "environmentalist." What do you see? If its an old white guy (probably with a beard and a...