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The EcoNews Report is the longest-running public affairs radio show on the North Coast, broadcasting on KHSU from the Humboldt State University campus. The EcoNews Report is hosted by the NEC, EPIC, Friends of the Eel River, and Humboldt Baykeeper and features guests discussing environmental topics that impact the North Coast and beyond.

The EcoNews Report airs every Thursday at 1:30 p.m on KHSU.

You can find KHSU on these frequencies:

90.5 FM Arcata-Eureka
91.9 FM Crescent City-Brookings
89.1 FM Ferndale-Fortuna
89.7 FM Garberville
99.7 FM Willow Creek

Each EcoNews Report episode is posted to the KHSU website and is also available as a podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

An archive of episodes from 2011 through mid-2017 is also available by clicking HERE.

Planning for Rising Seas in the Humboldt Bay Area

Aldaron Laird is a local environmental planner who has spent years thinking about how best to prepare the Humboldt Bay area for flooding, erosion,...

Salmon People in an Era of Ecological Colonialism

“When we call ourselves salmon people, that’s very literal in our purpose to take care of salmon. So that means the river and the...
Humboldt marten. Photo: Charlotte Eriksson, Oregon State University.

EcoNews Report Roundup: Latest environmental news stories

13 Environmental stories in 30 minutes - that's the EcoNews Roundup! On today’s EcoNews Report Roundup Larry Glass, NEC's Executive Director, and Bella Waters, NEC's...
Joe Tyburczy of California Sea Grant Extension and HSU graduate student Eric LeBlanc recently deployed instruments during very low tides to measure pH levels and other environmental conditions in and near eelgrass beds in Humboldt Bay. Credit Brian Carter

Can Eelgrass Reverse the Effects of Ocean Acidification?

Joe Tyburczy is a marine ecologist with the California Sea Grant Extension who is studying the effects of eelgrass on ocean acidification. Joe and...
Colin Fiske at Clam Beach. Photo: Courtesy of Colin Fiske.

How Do We Design the Plaza for People?

What does it mean to design a public space for people over cars? Colin Fiske of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities discusses the...

Questioning Local Government Transparency and Accountability

“The key piece of this whole scheme, is that you get out from under the requirement to provide fish passage over Scott dam” Tom...
Arcata Marsh CC Flickr Terrence McNally

Local Author Sharon Levy Discusses the Arcata Marsh

George Zaminsky, Friends of the Arcata Marsh, interviews local science author Sharon Levy on her newly released book "The Marsh Builders: The Fight for...
Humboldt Board of Supervisors Candidates during May 10 2018 Candidate Forum

Who are the Board of Supervisors?

Elections are coming up June 5, and that means it is time once again to vote for local measures and candidates, including the Board...