Humboldt Honey

40 Years of Counter Culture and Rebellion!

It’s been 40-years since the iconic Humboldt Honey poster’s first publishing in 1983. Since that time, creator Ingrid Hart has never marketed or merchandised the Humboldt Honey, until now. “I’ve never sold her out,” said Hart. “This commemorative printing of the poster is a gift I’m returning to anyone who’s been lucky enough to experience Humboldt County and embraces the Humboldt Honey’s message of peace, happiness and above all, love.”

Eureka Natural Foods, Solstice Collective, and Ingrid Hart are teaming up to support and celebrate Humboldt’s legacy of Eco-Political Counter Culture!

The Northcoast Environmental Center and the Humboldt Area People’s Archive remember and continue our collective resistance– keeping the spirit of the Humboldt Honey alive through archival and activist work.

The Humboldt Honey limited-edition poster can be found at Eureka Natural Foods and Solstice Collective. 25 percent of the net profit will benefit the North Coast Environmental Center in Arcata. The poster cost is $25 and is also available online at

Visit the Humboldt Area People’s Archive to learn more about activists, back-to-the-landers and hippie innovators.