Seeds for change: Round-up at the co-op

Northcoast Environmental Center Staff

Seeds for Change is a community-giving opportunity that allows North Coast Co-op customers to ‘round-up’ their purchases to the nearest dollar. Those extra cents are given directly to local organizations that are doing amazing work to better our community. A different nonprofit organization is selected to benefit from the round ups each month.

During the month of July the Northcoast Environmental Center will be the recipient of all rounded-up purchases! We will use the funds to increase participation in our citizen science data collection, to expand our Compassionate Cleanups, and to continue our advocacy work on behalf of all of the inhabitants of the North Coast, both human and more-than-human. Through our Coastal Programs we are able to work with community members to collect data that can be used to protect our coast, wildlife and community. In this context, citizen science empowers individuals to see their lived experiences as a part of the way the NEC views environmental problems and solutions for local issues.

Please consider rounding up your purchase next time you visit the Arcata or Eureka North Coast Co-op. Every little bit helps!